Congratulations on your choice to get in the best shape of your life!




When: PROMPTLY at 5:30 am – 6:30 am, MON/WED/FRI **unless otherwise noted

Location: Cheverus High School, 267 Ocean Ave., Portland





LOCATION - Our outdoor default location will be to the far back of the school on the RIGHT hand side, with the exception of Wednesday when we will meet down on the track which is located to the LEFT hand side of the school.  Look for Casey every morning when you arrive to prompt you otherwise. 


FOR INDOOR SESSIONS (in case of heavy rain, heavy snow, ice, sleet, hail, or whatever nasty weather Maine might throw at us):


LOCATION - Park to the back right of the school (if standing facing the school from Ocean Ave.) by taking the driveway that is to the right of the school and then parking in the lot directly behind the school.  From there use the doors at the very back of the school (right in the center of the school) and then proceed down the corridor. Casey will be there to further direct you to your camp location for the day.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BRING INDOOR SHOES to prevent wet floors!  Wet floors = unsafe slippery floors!!!





Unless otherwise instructed, please bring your outdoor workout clothes (ie. light layers), waterproof exercise mat and/or waterproof blanket, a towel, non-metal weights (WOMEN: 3, 5 or 8 lbs or MEN: 8 or 10 lbs), water bottle, and running shoes every day.  With indoor workouts, please be respectful of not wearing your outdoor shoes in the gym.  You may want to always have a pair of shorts and t-shirt in your bag if you need to make a quick change for a indoor workout.  It is highly recommended you bring a water bottle.  Class will continue outside in a light drizzle so please pack appropriate attire.  When outdoors, hats and gloves are hardly recommended throughout the Spring, Fall & Winter months to ensure your extremities stay warm.





 In the highly likely event, that class is cancelled, Maine Boot Camp will post a cancellation message by 5:00 am the day of class on the WCSH storm cancellation page.  Their site is:


spx. You can also sign up for text message alerts which we highly recommend in the event of power outages.  If all else fails please just call Casey.  Please note: due to the format of this program, no make up classes will be provided.





-       Please ALWAYS arrive on time to the Cheverus High School.  It is ideal to arrive at 5:20 each morning to allow yourself time to set up your matt, wts. etc and then have time for a full warm up prior to the start of camp. 

-       Please be courteous of neighbours at ALL TIMES when outside.  Noise complaints from neighbours will make it difficult to continue the program in its current location

-       Unless otherwise instructed, bring your hand weights, a mat, and a good pair of running shoes each day (with the exception of track days when you only need your running shoes and layers)

-       ASSUME THAT ALL WORKOUTS WILL TAKE PLACE OUTSIDE AND DRESS ACCORDINGLY, that means insect repellent to use if the bugs are out in the morning, or winter hats and gloves if it is cold!!

-       Always wear layered clothing.  Workouts may occur both inside and outside on any given day depending on weather.  A pair of gloves is recommended even during “warmer” weather.  Campers are often caught off guard of weather conditions when they arrive at camp despite predicted forecasts.

-       Before, during or after camp, if you have an unusual ache or pain, tell Casey immediately

-       If you feel it necessary, eat a SMALL meal before camp.  Avoid juice.

-       Running shoes are required, not cross-trainers or walking shoes

-       Work at your own pace.  Each workout is designed to push you to your personal best.  It is not about what everyone else is doing, it is about what you are doing!!

-       Please note there will be no scheduled breaks during the workouts, if you need to grab water or take a break, please do so as necessary.  Staying well hydrated is important.

-       Remember, that the results that you get out of the camp have to do with what you put into it so make sure to show up to ALL of your classes and work as hard as you can!!

-       Attendance will be taken each morning.  If you do not plan to attend your registered amount of days on any given week please email Casey ahead of time to let her know when you will be making up the missed day.

-       Please feel free to contact Casey at any time during camp via email or phone to discuss questions, concerns (health or otherwise), or feedback relative to the camp or any given workout. (“If we don’t know something is broken, we can’t fix it” )

-       Most importantly, make sure to always have FUN!!


***For your maximum benefit and safety, be warmed-up and ready to exercise when camp begins.  A cold body is more prone to injury

We hope you are as excited to get started as we always are.  Give us your best and we will lead you to success!


If you have any questions or concerns prior to the start of camp or during camp please do not hesitate to contact me. 

-      Casey’s Cell Phone Number is

(207) 992-6161