"Maine Boot Camp is simply the best! I particularly like the variety of activities and the sense of fun that is built into the program. I really feel like I am getting the maximum benefit out of each workout and it makes getting out of bed early in the morning totally worth it. Casey is an energetic and creative instructor who draws on her extensive education and background to give everyone in the group the best possible workout day after day. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to improve their lives and overall fitness level."

Vicki K. (Yarmouth, ME)

"I have never enjoyed working out so much in my life and I'm an exerciseaholic!! If you like to get your butt kicked and have fun at the same time, Boot Camp is a great way to start your day! I absolutely love the variety, the sessions are different everyday all the while working all the major muscle groups and some of those smaller ones you never even knew you had. Casey's knowledge of the body and her vast collection of exercises ensures that everyone can work to their individual capacity without hurting themselves. If you need an alternative activity to accommodate an injury or limitation she's always got an option for you. Her creativity and enthusiasm is so inspirational and motivating. The camaraderie with the other women is awesome, dare I say a highlight of my social life! I always feel so great after Boot Camp, I start my day with a smile on my face knowing that I've given myself a very healthy and energizing treat before facing the world!"

Betsy P. (Yarmouth, ME)

"My Maine Boot Camp experience has been unbelievable as well as unforgettable! I never thought I would LIKE it but I do. Casey is so supportive and creative in her training....we never did the same thing twice. While my level of fitness was the worst of the group and I was worried about slowing everyone down, it never seemed to get in the way of what Casey had us doing, as each individual goes at her own pace!"

Susan H. (Cumberland, ME)

"Casey can kick butt like no other. I love a great a workout and this one is worth getting up for! Casey is a great motivator and incorporates her vast experience into a truly unique workout every time. No day is the same. The group experience is great and everyone is at their own level. A definite not to miss!"

Anne V. (Yarmouth, ME)

"I have been doing the Maine Boot Camp for several months now and it has been great. The group of guys that get together in the morning are a great fun group of guys. The workouts thanks to Brian are different on a daily basis and don't get stale. I had been trying for a long time prior to doing this to get into a regular regimen of working out and was unsuccessful. This has allowed me to continue a regular program that has been very successful and I can see and measure the results. From the time I have started I have dropped over 20 pounds, 4 inches on my waist, can run a mile in less than 7 minutes (it took me more than 9 when I started), and am back to the weight I was when I graduated from college 15 years ago. I really can't say enough good things about the camp and am planning on keeping it up for as long as Brian is willing to meet up with us in the morning."

Chris H., Falmouth

"Maine Boot Camp has provided me an opportunity to make a significant lifestyle change. Brian Ericson is very personable and knows exactly when and how much to push you to attain your personal goals. I'm currently in the best physical shape I have been in over the past 10 years. My metabolism has increased dramatically and I now have sustained energy throughout the day - I can even keep up with the kids on the weekend."

Peter S., Cumberland