A space in camp is securely reserved only after our receipt of your payment and your completed registration, which includes all questions completely answered; with complete explanations for all “yes” responses.

  Registration is open to any non-fitness industry professional who is physically able to participate in a functional-based calisthenics and strength training program without restrictions and desires to improve their fitness conditioning or athletic performance.

  If you have ANY questions or concerns about your ability to participate or complete our Boot Camp program, please contact Casey prior to the commencement of camp.

  As a condition of participation, you will be asked to sign a non-compete and nondisclosure confidentiality agreement and to confirm your acknowledgement and acceptance of these policies.


Note: Maine Boot Camps are goal-oriented, progressively structured personal fitness programs & require a personal commitment. You have enrolled in MBC with certain goals, it is our intent to coach you and hold you accountable to move toward them.

We will give you 100% of our ability; in turn we expect 100% of your commitment.

  You must commit to one boot camp class (1, 2, or 3 days/week).  If you are less than a 3 day/week camper, you may attend camp any days you choose without having to give the instructor prior notice.  You will have the ability to use your days during any weeks throughout camp as long as your total days attended does not exceed the amount that you committed to.  (Ex. 2 day/week campers = 8 sessions that can be used at any time, 1 day/week campers = 4 sessions). 

  Due to MBC’s unique schedule for camps, specific days, and limited camp sizes. MBC cannot provide campers “make-ups” for missed days or a transfer from one class to another. Missed sessions are non-refundable. MBC does not permit, nor is obligated to offer, make-up sessions of any type. This lack of flexibility encourages you to take responsibility for your COMPLETION of CAMP and your ACHIEVEMENTS!

  ALL CAMPS are non-transferable.

  We request the courtesy of advance notice if you know you will miss a session. In the event of a sudden or unexpected event, please contact MBC as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to contact MBC.

  An absence greater than 5 sequential days requires MBC’s release for re-admission or may be granted credit, at our discretion, for the next camp.


If, after registering, you find you are unable to attend your scheduled camp due to circumstances beyond your control, we can offer you a refund if you notify us prior to your session start date.  This is subject to Maine Boot Camp’s approval. If we are notified after your session begins, we may be able to provide you a credit toward another boot camp – such credits will be issued on a case by case basis. All credits and refunds are considered by request and granted solely on our approval case-by-case.

Credits are nontransferable. There are no cash refunds. This is a nonnegotiable policy.

  For campers who find that they cannot complete their camp, our policy is to offer either a conditional refund or credit based solely on our determination of the nature and timing of your circumstance. Requests for refunds or credit must be made and confirmed in writing (i.e. email).

  A refund, minus cancellation fee, may be provided if requested and approved prior to the completion of the second day of camp.

  A prorated credit may be provided after camp session start date if approved by MBC.

  Requests for refunds must be received no later than 2 days after your camp start date. We will not grant refund requests received after the 2 day period, you can only receive credit after this time; No exceptions.

  Refunds, when granted, may incur a cancellation fee.


  If we are notified after your camp session begins that you are unable to continue with your Boot camp due to circumstances beyond your control, we can offer you a pro-rated credit toward another complete camp. You will be required to pay the balance prior to the next available camp.


  All credits must be requested; credits are effective from the date of your request; they are not retro-active. Credits are nontransferable. Credits are applied toward another Maine Boot Camp.


  There are no refunds for any reason after the second day following the camp start date. No exceptions; this is not negotiable.


  If MBC cancels any camp, for any reason, after payment has been received, full credit will be given. Credit is good for a period of 1 year from the date granted.




  Videotaping, photographing, recording, documenting, communicating or relaying program particulars, in any manner, of Maine Boot Camp activities by you or anyone on your behalf is explicitly prohibited and specifically violates your nondisclosure agreement.


  The use of personal electronic devices during class is not permitted at any time; i.e. Cell phones, MP3 players, iPODs, pagers, cameras, etc. Out of respect to yourself, your fellow campers, and your instructors please make sure all devices are off or switched to a “silence” mode.


  Should you have a special situation one particular day that requires you to be on call, please speak with the class instructor to make those arrangements.


  Any visitors to the program site must be cleared through the instructor in advance.


  MBC is a positive support coaching environment. Any action or behavior that, in the opinion of the class lead trainer, produces a negative or distracting atmosphere (i.e. foul language, use of electronic devices, derogatory comments, aggressive actions, unwillingness to follow instruction, etc) will be asked to leave the class.


  Once removed from class by the instructor, an individual’s ability to return to class will be decided by the MBC Programming Director pending an incident investigation. No refund or credit will apply for missed sessions regardless of how many are missed.


  Boot Camp classes are operated in areas accessible to the general public. It is each individual’s responsibility to safeguard their personal effects. Make sure to conceal your items and lock your vehicle. It is our recommendation that clients do not bring with you or leave in your car any items you value or are not necessary for your exercise program that day (i.e. purses, extra keys, money, checks, cell phones, etc). Maine Boot Camp and its instructors cannot be held liable for any lost, damaged, or stolen items while in the class.