Frequently Asked Questions

I'm totally out of shape. How fit do I need to be to participate in this program?

Our ability to train every fitness level is one of the unique and amazing things about Maine Boot Camp. You don't need to be able to run a 5K; however, you need to be willing to leave your comfort zone. All of our workouts are designed to push each individual to their 100%, so as long as you give it your all you are ready. The majority of our workouts are based on timed duration of activities opposed to quantity of an exercise; therefore campers of all different fitness levels are able to work out side by side without anyone getting too far in front or too far behind.

I like to work out hard on a regular basis, will this boot camp really challenge me?

YES! Boot camp pushes you to an intensity level that most people are unable to reach on their own. We've helped marathoners, triathletes, cyclists, high school and college athletes and fitness enthusiasts bring their training and fitness to the next level. We've helped many runners cut minutes off their race times as well as build up their muscles to prevent injury. Our program offers cross training that benefits all kinds of athletes as well as first time fitness participants.

I'm a little nervous about signing up, how can I be sure that I'll get the results I want, or if I'll be able to stick with it?

The feedback that we constantly get from our participants is that this program pushes them harder than they would EVER push themselves. For a lot of people who don't currently exercise, or exercise on their own, it is the intensity and variety of their workouts that is keeping them from seeing results. Your Maine Boot Camp instructors will hold you accountable for showing up throughout camp and work extremely hard to motivate you to work to your maximum potential.

How will my body change, and when can I expect to see results?

Typical results of the program include: getting leaner and build fat-burning muscle without becoming bulky. Many new campers lose at least one clothing size and discover their bodies have become firmer as they have exchanged fat for muscle. Returning campers consistently place better in races and achieve PR's (personal records) by bursting through pre-boot camp plateaus. This is all in addition to people constantly telling us that they have increased energy and stamina, improved self image, and overall feel vast improvements both physically and mentally. All you need to do is have a great attitude, follow the program, and give 100% effort in your workouts, and it will work!

I am not a runner, is this program for me?

If you are unable to run because your doctor says you shouldn't - then this program may not be for you. If you are unsure, give us a call and we can help you determine a plan of action. But if you have just a belief that you are not a runner, or just don't like running, then you should absolutely give the program a try! Participants who have started out in boot camp and were not 'runners,' will often build up to loving our 'cardio' based days. We have designed our program so not every participant has to run to start but our goal is to see all of our campers progress to the point that they can jog or run for short intervals throughout our workouts.

I have some physical limitations, can I still participate?

It depends on the nature and severity of the injury or limitations you may have. It would be best to call and chat with us to determine if boot camp is right for you. Generally speaking, people who can walk briskly, jog at least a little bit and can jump without issues tend to do just fine in our camps. You should get clearance from a doctor before you begin the program with us, regardless.

I am quite overweight, can I sign up?

Absolutely, we have had participants who took multiple boot camps and lost over 100 pounds, so it is possible! Although the training will probably be the toughest thing that you have ever done, we will be there to help you every step of the way. If you have significant weight loss goals in mind, we highly recommend the 5 day/week program to ensure maximum accountability and results. You will need to listen to your body at the start of camp and let us know at anytime if you are in need of a modification for a particular exercise (this is what we specialize in), and certainly get clearance from your doctor before beginning our program. But if you are unsure and want more information, give us a call and we can discuss your situation. Our goal is to help you get and stay healthy and to learn to love how you feel when you exercise.

If I am a 2, or 1 day/week camper, can I set my own schedule or do I need to come specific days?

Absolutely! We have created an attendance policy that has maximum flexibility to ensure that you are able to get the absolute best results. As a 2 day/week camper you will have 8 classes to use at anytime during the 4 week camp (1 day/week camper gets 4 classes). We do this so campers aren't forced to miss any entire camp because of travel, work, or other commitments that may get in the way.

What makes your program different than other boot camp style fitness plans?

Maine Boot Camp has produced consistent results for our participants for years now. Just ask anyone who has taken the program or is currently enrolled and they will tell you there is nothing like it. Our ability to never repeat a workout and to always keep things new and exciting makes our campers eager to return so they can keep seeing results.

Do I need to bring any equipment or gear to the workouts?

The most important thing you need to bring is a hard working attitude. Other than that, you just need comfortable workout clothing and a good pair of running shoes that are less than 6 months old and that have been recommended for your by a running shoe expert. You will also need a waterproof mat, 3 - 5 lb. (women) or 8-10 lb. (men) weights, and water.