• All camps are 4 weeks in duration and campers have the choice of 2, 3, 4, or 5 days/week - YOU choose the days that fit your schedule for camp (Please note the 2 day/week option is reserved for returning campers only)
  • All camps run from 530am to 630am, Monday through Friday during camp sessions. 
  • Camp Location: Cheverus High School, Portland Maine 
  • Between the four week camps there is typically intersession. Intersession is comprised of drop in classes which are held on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 530am - 630am. 
  • MBC is run primarily OUTDOORS (with the exception of heavy rain, snow, or ice and then it is moved indoors)
  • Each class consists of a warm up, pre-stretch, WORK OUT, and cool down. Once we get going there are NO SCHEDULED BREAKS! If you need to take a breather, then do so and join back in as soon as you can!
  • Our workouts change constantly, so you AND your body will never know what to expect. We find this maximizes results and decreases your body’s ability to adapt to a predicable exercise routine.
  • Every Wednesday is “CARDIO” day. It is our one predictable day of the week focusing solely on developing aerobic efficiency through interval training. Cardio days cater to marathoners, first-time runners, as well as walkers. You will find yourself getting into shape, running faster and further, while boosting your metabolism and burning tons of calories. Cardio days are comprised of a mix of interval training, tempo runs, hills, stairs, and cardio drills that will make you sweat in a way you didn’t think possible. Most Maine Boot Campers LOVE to hate cardio days!


  • 5 Day a Week Camp - $299
  • 4 Day a Week Camp - $259
  • 3 Day a Week Camp - $209
  • 2 Day a Week Camp - $159 (Only for returning campers)
  • Intersession - $15/class

BONUS - Returning consecutive campers receive a discount! For your second consecutive camp you get $10 dollars off and an extra $10 for each subsequent consecutive camp up to a $50 discount!