• All camps are 4 weeks in duration and campers have the choice of 1, 2 or 3 days/week - YOU choose the days that fit your schedule for camp

  • All camps run from 530am to 630am, Monday, Wednesday & Friday during camp sessions.

  • Camp Location: Cheverus High School, Portland Maine

  • MBC is run primarily OUTDOORS (with the exception of heavy rain, snow, or ice and then it is moved indoors)

  • Each class consists of a warm up, pre-stretch, WORK OUT, and cool down. Once we get going there are NO SCHEDULED BREAKS! If you need to take a breather, then do so and join back in as soon as you can!

  • Our workouts change constantly, so you AND your body will never know what to expect. We find this maximizes results and decreases your body’s ability to adapt to a predicable exercise routine.


  • 3 Day a Week Camp - $209

  • 2 Day a Week Camp - $159

  • 1 Day a Week Camp - $80

BONUS - Returning consecutive campers who select the 2 or 3 day camp will receive a discount. For your second consecutive camp you get $10 dollars off and an extra $10 for each subsequent consecutive camp up to a $50 discount!